Wildlife & Rangeland Management

Property Management Tools

Wildlife and rangeland management is detailed, holistic and, most of all, encompassing. That is why it is difficult to list every management technique at ones fingertips. However, believe that Kolbe Land Company, LLC has dealt with most of these tools and has the ability to accomplish your goal no matter what it is. Detailed property management and implementation include

  • 1-D-1 Open Space Land Valuations for Taxing purchases
  • Implementing wildlife and rangeland application tools to fulfill the Ag/Wildlife Use appraisal
  • Wildlife and rangeland species surveys to fulfill and adhere to Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Manage Land Deer permitting requirements
  • Custom wildlife management plans for your property. All plans can be use to submit to your respected County Appraisal District for Tax filings.
  • Property mapping through GIS and GPS tools
  • Exotic species stocking, capturing and relocation, management, etc.
  • Custom property appraisals to place value on your natural resources if looking to buy or sell your ranch!img_3432

Long-term Management

To make it easy and time efficient, we offer contracts to simply do it all in one. Because landowners generally want long-term management and want to implement many different management strategies for their properties throughout the year, we offer yearly contracts that blanket all of our services so landowners can get the most out of what we offer.

For more information on these topics listed above and others, please go check out my article section listed beneath the resources tab! There you will find recent articles written on wildlife and rangeland related topics.


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