Habitat Management

Habitat Management & Your Goals

Proper habitat management is a must to preserve your specific target species habitat and, consequently, your specific target species. That particular target species could be quail, white-tailed deer, turkey, or migratory birds like dove or other passerines. The certain habitat could be early successional grasslands or dense climax woodlands. Depending upon what you are trying to manage for will determine what type of habitat management you should be implementing.

There are a number of different habitat management tools out there to manipulate your rangeland. These types of tools can include, but are not limited to, mechanical management like dozers & multchers, prescribed fire, herbicide treatment, and cattle grazing. Determining which method is correct to manipulate your rangeland is key. Items such as soil structure, ecoregion, cost basis, and maintenance are all items that need to be considered when looking to conduct habitat management projects on your land.

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning can be one of the most cost effective methods to manage your rangeland. In turn, fire can rid your range of old growth, encourage protein rich new growth and restore nutrients to your soils.

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Mechanical Management

In a lot of cases, mechanical habitat management in the form of dozing, disking, root plowing, mulching and others can be the answer to restoring your range. These tools are also great for removing a lot of the encroaching brush like mesquite and huisache.



Wildlife management is holistic which means, in regards to habitat management, many different tools are needed to be used to meet the desired goals. When boiling it all down, Kolbe Ranches and Wildlife Consulting will use all the tools that fall under these five cornerstones of wildlife management.


Kolbe Land Co., LLC plans, implements, and manages habitat projects from beginning to end! We also use every tool in the management toolbox to accomplish our land goals!


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