Ranch Buyers & Sellers

” I want to sell my Ranch. It has awesome deer and quail density and some of the best habitat you have ever seen!”

How many times have you seen this similar phrase posted on a ranch listing? Individuals looking to sell their ranch by promoting key aspects like target species abundance and native or improved habitat. Well…. what does any of that actually look like to a buyer? Is awesome deer density a deer/40 acres or a deer/10 acres? What is an awesome quail density? Is a awesome quail density a bird/acre or a bird/10 acres? What species make up native range habitat? Mesquite brushland or Little bluestem upland habitat?

Fifth Map_Density (1)

By working with Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife we are able to provide a Ranch Valuation that details such topics like habitat structure, target species densities, past/present survey information, harvest data, and yearly cost estimates for ranch maintenance in detail. We are able to do so through GIS mapping software, conducting surveys and providing an up-to-date inventory of property infrastructure and items to convey. In turn, you as a seller or broker can use this specific information to market the ranch correctly and provide an executive summary to prospective buyers. As a buyer or a broker representing a buyer, you know exactly what you buying.

Summary of such attributes greatly bolster the listing and answer a lot of the questions prospected buyers have. Moreover, a ranch/wildlife valuation provides quantitative information to those general listed property descriptions like “Great native habitat” or “Awesome quail and white-tailed deer density”.


“We have a current quail density estimate of a bird/1.5 acres and a deer density estimate of a deer/12.8 acres. The Ranch is also covered in approximately 82% native habitat and 18% non-native habitat”


This quantitative information given to those qualitative descriptions lets a prospected buyer/seller know exactly what is on the range during the transaction and lets the seller know the key points to focus on when listing to sell.IMG_2942


Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife’s fee for such consultation is based on land size, specific plan complexity and sale price. Generally, this fee is structured as a percentage of the sale price of the property and is paid once the property is sold. However, this fee can also be a simple contracted fee agreed on between parties and paid once complete.

If interested and would like to know more, reach out to me through email or phone and Kolbe Ranches & Wildlife can provide a rubric of a detailed ranch/wildlife valuation



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